Cecotec ForceSilence 890 Skyline ventilators

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Cecotec ForceSilence 890 Skyline ventilators

Silent tower fan. Oscillating. Silent. Great power. 3 modes. 3 speeds. Timer. Remote control. EnergySilence 890 Skyline by Cecotec.

  • EnergySilence Technology: Creates an instant profound feeling of fresh air with maximum silence and comfort.
  • SmartControl: Smart fan control thanks to its remote control and its LCD display. User-friendly and intuitive.
  • TotalControl 3: The fan offers 3 different air modes:
    • BREEZE mode: Enjoy maximum freshness without giving up silence.
    • ECO mode: Keep your home fresh and save energy and money in your electricity bill.
    • SLEEP mode: Designed for you to enjoy a calmed and restful sleep.
  • CopperEngine: High-efficiency exclusive motor (100 % copper), maximum liability and durability. Includes TermoSafe security system which lengthens the fan’s shelf life and avoids damages and malfunctions.
  • 3Speed Function: Choose between 3 operating speeds in order to adjust airflow intensity to your needs.
  • CoolTimer: The timer is programmable up to 7.5 hours. After that time, the fan turns off automatically. Enjoy maximum comfort and save energy.
  • RotateWind: Blade-oscillation mode in order to provide a greater airflow angle and a wide coolness area.
  • Health&Safety: His fan complies with current safety and environmental protection regulations. Take care of your people and your environment.
  • EasytoMove: Easy to transport and to store thanks to its transportation handle.