Cecotec POWERGEAR 1500 PRO blenderis

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Cecotec POWERGEAR 1500 PRO blenderis

1500-W hand blender. The most powerful in the market. 21 speeds and Turbo. X-Blades: 4-star blades, coated in titanium and anti-splash blade protection. Longer and stronger transmission with steel gear. Includes accessories with blade for crushing ice. PowerGear 1500 Pro by Cecotec.

  • 1500-W hand blender, the most powerful in the market.
  • Steel gear for a longer transmission without power losses.
  • Includes IceBlade. The chopper is equipped with a special blade that allows crushing ice, perfect results with dry ice.
  • X-blades: 4 blades with titanium coating that improves hardness and sharpness.
  • Anti-splash bell.
  • Fix Plus system. Easy assembly of the blending bar and accessories.
  • 21 power levels + Turbo function.
  • Soft Touch coating: improves the grip of the appliance with a soft touch.
  • Operation light indicator.
  • Includes accessories: 800-ml beaker with ml and oz measures and lid, 600-ml chopper with special blade to crush ice and whisk.