Cecotec TOAST&TASTE 2 L tosteris

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Cecotec TOAST&TASTE 2 L tosteris

Double long-slot toaster Toast&Taste 2L, 1350 W. Makes toasts for the whole family.

  • Double long-slot toaster with capacity for four toasts.
  • 1350 W power.
  • Wide slot to introduce thick or big loaves.
  • Includes holder for buns that allows heating pastries.
  • Automatic shutdown and pop-up mechanism.
  • High lift system for an easy extraction of toasts.
  • Self-centering system toaster for an even toasting on both sides.
  • Adjustable power, 7 toasting settings for perfect toasting.
  • Preset functions: reheat and defrost.
  • Cancel button to interrupt the toasting process.
  • Easy-to-remove crumb tray.
  • Non-skid base and automatic cable storage.