Elektriskā krāsns Cecotec Bake’n Toast 490

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Elektriskā krāsns Cecotec Bake’n Toast 490

Multifunctional electric mini oven. 10-litre capacity and double-glass door. Halogen heating elements. Bake&Toast 490 by Cecotec.

  • Mini oven with elegant design.
  • Protected quartz heating elements.
  • 1000 W for a high performance.
  • 10-litre capacity.
  • High-resistance double-glass door improves heat maintenance.
  • Handle with stainless-steel trim.
  • 60-minute timer.
  • Adjustable temperature up to 230 ºC.
  • Includes baking tray, grill rack, handle and tongs to take out accessories.
  • Operation indicator light and non-skid base.