Futon Yoga Shiatsu 140×200 matracis

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Futon Yoga Shiatsu 140×200 matracis.

Kvalitatīvs matracis no naturāliem materiāliem paredzēts šiatcu masāžai, jogas praktizēšanai vai izmantošanai ikdienā.

Shiatsu Futon Mattress 140x200cm.

The Shiatsu Futon mattress is 100% cotton, arranged in layers and not flocks, about 4-5cm high. (with the use it reduce to about 2-3cm)

Designed specifically for those who operate the Shiatsu massage, when required, it can also be used as a comfortable mattress for sleep on the tatami, meditation or yoga practice.

Easy to stow, once rolled-up it takes up very little space.