JUWEL MultiLuxLED akvārija LED lampa


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JUWEL MultiLuxLED akvārija LED lampa 440 mm.

Juwel MultiLux LED light bar 2 x 23 watt 100 cm.

This complete LED light bar provides bright illumination and excellent plant growth thanks to Juwel’s modern MultiLux LED lighting technology. The exchangeable LED tubes ensure an optimal light spectrum and at the same time they save 50% energy compared to T5.

Not dimmable and cannot be used with a dimmer / controller and also not interchangeable with fluorescent lighting.

Supplied LEDs: 1 x 23 Watt Day & 1 x 23 Watt Nature.
Kelvin: 9000/6500.
Lumen: 5290.
Suitable for Aquariums: Rio 180 & Trigon 350.