MAC ALLISTER MRM250 zāles pļaušanas robots

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MAC ALLISTER MRM250 zāles pļaušanas robots.

Piemērots platībām līdz 250 m2

Product information

The Mac Allister robot lawnmower makes lawn maintenance easy and gives you more time to enjoy your garden, once your lawnmower is installed and programmed simply leave it to take care of your lawn. Even if your garden has obstacles or a unique shape this independent mower is up to the task. Suitable for gardens up to 250m² – no pushing required

  • Comes with 6x screws, 130x staples, 1x hex key, 2x measurement gauge and 7x nails for securing the charging station. Cutting blade size: 36.5*18*1 mm

Features and benefits

  • Quick start function allows for easy set up, giving you more time to enjoy your garden
  • Features manual programming function with security pin via digital display, allowing you to easily set your desired functions
  • Patented technology allows navigation of narrow pathways
  • Lift and tilt safety function
  • Features automatic charging function means the mower will return to dock to recharge after completion of cutting or low power