Cecotec CECOJUICER COMPACT elektriskā sulu piede

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Cecotec CECOJUICER COMPACT elektriskā sulu piede

Cecotec’s Cecojuicer Compact is the best choice between high-quality slow juicers in the market. Juice every fruit you want, it could not be easier!

  • Cold-press juicer that extracts more juice from fruits and vegetables, preserving their natural characteristics.
  • Avoids oxidation of juices.
  • 45 rpm, extracts juice in cold conditions and already strained.
  • 3 positions: off, on, and reverse to mix the juice and unblock the juicer.
  • 120 W: there is no fruit or vegetable that can resist to its power.
  • Tritan body, BPA-free. Anti-drip system and two nozzles for juice and pulp.
  • Safety system that ensures operation only when its parts are well attached.