Cecotec Force Titanium 520 tvaika gludeklis

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Cecotec Force Titanium 520 tvaika gludeklis ar vertikālo gludināšanu 3000W

Steam iron ForceTitanium 520: unlimited power.
— 230 g/min steam burst that eliminates the most stubborn creases from the fabric´s core.
— High power, 3000 W. Quick and efficient ironing.
— PowerSteam: technology to generate a 55 g/min steam rate.
— TitaniumSlide soleplate: high-resistance and non-stick properties for a perfect glide. Innovative technology that makes it easier to slide the iron on different fabrics, which allowing faster and safer ironing.
— iTemp: smart-ironing control that adapts temperature and steam to every type of fabric achieving optimal results.
— Steam-precision selector: you can select Eco mode, several levels of steam and turbo.
— 380 ml water container: iron your laundry without pauses.
— ECO mode: save energy maintaining power and results.
— Anticalc System: filtering system that prevents limescale residues from building up in the iron, so that the iron can maintain its high-steam performance in the long term.
— Autocleaning system: eliminates residues from the soleplate´s inside.
— Precision tip to eliminate the most difficult-to-reach wrinkles.
— Fast steam: technology that reduces preheating time.
— Smart AutoOFF: safety system against overheating that turns the iron off automatically when not in use.
— VerticalSteam: vertical steam that makes it easier to iron clothes such as jackets, achieving optimal results.
— Easy Filled: easy and comfortable water recharge.
— Anti-drip system: prevents water condensation and stains on your clothes.
— Ergonomic, light and easy-to-use iron.