Cecotec ROCK’NGRILL 1500 W grills

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Cecotec ROCK’NGRILL 1500 W grills

  • 1500-W contact grill.
  • Marble RockStone coating that ensures the best non-stick properties and makes cleaning easier.
  • Ecological coating, free from PTFE, PFOA and other toxic materials.
  • 180º opening to make the most of the cooking surface.
  • 2 fat-drip trays to improve operating and cleaning.
  • Plates with grease nozzle for an easier and cleaner operation.
  • Height-adjustable upper plate.
  • Wide cooking surface: 28.7 x 17 cm.
  • Heating and reached temperature indicator lights.
  • Insulated handle.
  • Locking clasp that makes it possible to store the appliance in an upright position.