GLORIA THERMO FLAMM BIO nezāļu dedzināšanas ierīce.

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GLORIA THERMO FLAMM BIO nezāļu dedzināšanas ierīce.

Ērta un efektīva ierīce nezāļu iznīcināšanai. Lieliski noderēs bruģa un dārza celiņu atbrīvošanai no nezālēm.

Izmēri: 81 x 27 x 13.5 cm

  • ERGONOMIC: The 122cm long weedkiller is easy to use and has an ergonomic handle for a smooth operation. Four guide wheels allow a comfortable posture for your back without a need to lift the weeder
  • OPTIMUM WEED CONTROL: The heating spiral, with a radiation area of 150cm², heats within 30 seconds up to 800°C. The heat quickly gets to the roots and causes the fluid in the plant cells to coagulate
  • ECOLOGICAL & PET FRIENDLY: The environmentally friendly weed burner works completely without any harming chemical substances like glyphosate and is therefore pet safe and sustainable
  • CERTIFIED SAFETY: The device is tested by the TÜV and GS for quality and safety. An integrated heat protection plate and stainless steel reflectors provide an optimal heat protection for safe usage
  • QUALITY AND WARRANTY: The German company GLORIA is a leader in innovative technologies for sprayers, garden tools and weed protection and offers a 10-year-warranty for spare parts of all products