JBL LED SOLAR NATUR akvārija LED lampa

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JBL LED SOLAR NATUR akvārija LED lampa.

Augstas klases LED akvāriju apgaismojums.

Jauda: 24W

Garums: 549 mm

  • Maximum light efficiency for beautiful aquatic plants: extremely high photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) of more than 220 µM/s/m2
  • Plug & play: clip light in tube holder or set it up, connect cable, switch on or dim via remote control and select one of 3 light colours
  • Evenly distributed warm white and cool white LEDs for a biotope-compatible light climate, 2 channels with 3 preset light colours: 2700 K (warm white), 4000 K (daylight white), 6700 K (cool white)
  • You can extend the features by using your smartphone to include preset biotope-compatible or individual light controls and the JBL LED SOLAR EFFECT RGB light for special colour effects
  • Contains: water-protected light (IP67), remote control, driver (receiver), power supply unit, con. cable, holding brackets for top assembly & end caps f. installation in tube sockets (T5&T8).