Siemens BE525LMS0 Iq500 iebūvējama mikroviļnu krāsns

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SIEMENS BE525LMS0 iebūvējama mikroviļņu krāsns, ar dizainiski veidotu melnu priekšējo paneli un neskaitāmām funkcijām lieliskam rezultātam.

Microwave with grill
Recessed for wall unit, can also be positioned in a column
Door with flag opening with hinges on the left
20 l cooking compartment with glass rotating plate 25.5 cm
LED digital display and touchControl controls
Automatic programs: 8
4 defrosting programs and 3 cooking programs, 1 program for combined function
Memory function: 1
EasyClock: Time indication
Electronic end of cooking timer
800 W microwave in 5 power stages: 800/600/360/180/90 W
Combined grill and microwave function in 3 stages of 360/180/90 W power
Microwave and grill functions can be selected individually or in combination
Led illumination
Max. Power absorbed 1.27 kW
Accessories: Grill, turntable
Luminaire dimensions (HxWxD): 382 mm x 594 mm x 317 mm
Niche dimensions (AxLxP): 560/568 mm x 362/365 mm x 300 mm
Length. power cable: 130 cm
Voltage: 220 — 230 V

OtherBook-type opening

Defrost function


Automatic programs

Width60 cm
Height38 cm
Built-in measure55 x 60 cm

Black color

Capacity20 l
CommandsTouch control
Absorption1.27 kW